Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can't argue with pop music...

What is the deal with all these pop stars and all your hate?
I mean why are you calling this Justin Beaver kid a fag? So what if she claims she's a lesbian? Even if she's all gay - it's O.K., though she looks a little young to know her sexual orientation yet. I mean, what is she, 12?
I heard that she said she feels like Kurt Cobain, because nobody understands her. Kurt Cobain was misunderstood mostly because he was a junkie and Jon...Justin is misunderstood, because she is young and only her 6-8 year old fans understand her interpretation of love completely.
Let's close the subject on her, okay?
What about the Jonas? I heard they are being called the "New Beatles". That... I completely agree with that, really. It's not like one of the bands is made of wise people, with intense knowledge of life, music, harmony and peace and the other is some fag teenagers, whose songs sound all the same, while all that changes are the overused popular chord progressions or anything. It's noting like that. They are exactly like the Beatles. I'm sure Lennon isn't rolling around in his grave by now.
Now we can easily call The Script - The new "Floyd", right? Let's just wait for the new "Bowie" and then I'll be happy as hell.
I'm okay with pop music. I don't always run away when I hear the new hit for the n-th time.
Recently, the only modern thing I can listen to are the Management (MGMT). These weasels have caught my attention with their psychedeliciousness. Their music is only comparable to the '70s, but it is evidently modern BUY THEIR ALBUMS and innovative. I rarely say something good about someone who isn't dead or expected to die any time now, so look'em up on youtube if you are a caveman and haven't heard them already.
Right... I'll be leaving you with some words of wisdom:
Pop music is like any other style of music, but it's rotten.

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